About Us

The Pan-African Network for Democracy and Civil Society is conceived as an African initiative by Africans in the diaspora and on the continent working with European initiatives and organs to achieve the realization of participatory democracy , peace and open civil society on the African continent.
This initiative has become necessary in the light of the unsustainable rate at which Africa is producing refugees and internally displaced persons who are forced to migrate into Europe particularly and also into the Americas. The models for economic growth used on the continent over the past six decades have produced nothing like the desired results. Also, the unbridled exploitation of extractive industries has simply reinforced a certain historical tendency that conceives of Africa as a starting point in a linear value proposition that never benefits the continent in concrete terms from an ideal cycle of values.
The conventional wisdom is to increase the quota of refugees by individual European countries and to design policies to facilitate assimilation of refugees into Europe. The Network seeks to generate a rethinking of the conventional wisdom toward making the mother continent, Africa, a better living space in terms of participatory democracy and civil society values.